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Unlock the Power of Social Media to Drive Growth for Your Business: A Tailored and Effective Approach for Chiropractic, Dental and Veterinary Health Services.

Are you tired of struggling to get your practice noticed on social media? Let us take the hassle out of your hands with ATOM, our Automated Media strategy. Our approach increases reach and engagement on social media through data-informed content and posting frequency.

4 Things That Make Us Unique

  1. Tailored approach: Our Automated Media strategy (ATOM) is tailored to meet the specific needs of niche industries such as chiropractic, dental and veterinary.

  2. Data-informed content and posting frequency: We use data analysis of past posts to inform our content and posting frequency, ensuring that we are reaching and engaging with the right audience at the right time.

  3. Consistent posting: We post on your social media accounts 70 times a week across 7 platforms, which ensures that your business stays top-of-mind with your followers and encourages them to take action.

  4. Professional and high-quality content: Our content is designed to be informative, entertaining, and engaging, and is created by our team of professional writers and designers. It is meant to provide value to your followers and promote your business in an organic way.

Post Examples on Instagram, Google Business & Facebook

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Reach + Engaging Content = Growth



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